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2-2-2017 Warm Winter Soups - The holidays are over and again you have successfully made it through yet another year! However, the cold weather has only just begun! Join us at Di Olivas for our homemade Winter Soups class where guests will be taught the basics of making great broths and stocks for the perfect toasty meal during the coolest time of year. Warm mulled cider cocktails and a savory appetizer will have you wanting to take on the cold to be part of our cozy atmosphere all while learning how to create delicious cuisine!

2-23-2017 Risotto - A classic creamy Italian rice dish- risotto has won the hearts and palates of diners and critics alike! We will focus on the proper preparation of a classic Risotto Milanese. Chef Codey will then prepare a Mediterranean seafood ragout to pear perfectly with this popular dish. Di Olivas Vinegars and Oils will be utilized through searing, brasising, and finishing the delicious dishes offered. Like always, a savory appetizer and a complimentary wine pairing shall accompany this class!