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The Vinegar

Di Olivas is also pleased to offer the finest in Balsamic Vinegars… bringing you over fifteen flavors of the best tasting Balsamics of Modena. What is Balsamic Vinegar and How Is It Made? Balsamic vinegar can be described as a thick, sweet vinegar made from the Trebbiano or Lambrusco grape. Native to the Northern regions of Italy, balsamic vinegar is produced and then aged in ventilated wooden barrels. All of our vinegars are aged for a minimum of 12 years for optimal flavor and enrichment. The exquisite flavors of our vinegars vary in flavor and can be used to accent your favorite salad, vegetables, sauces or marinades.

The Pasta

In our desire to bring the best products and widest variety to you, we also bring you two dozen different flavors of a world class pasta made by the founding fathers of the gourmet pasta market… Rossi Pasta. Enjoy the many flavors we offer…. from Artichoke to Zucchini… tastes as different as Fire! and Pumpkin Spice, Tomato Basil Garlic and Chocolato Cabernet.

The Olive

Di Olivas only offers the best and freshest olive oils from around the world, specifically, 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). In order to be classified as EVOO, the oil must meet several stringent criteria:

From the “First Pressing” of fresh olives

  • Contains no more than 0.8% acidity. The lower the acidity, the better the oil. Di Olivas oils are generally 0.25% or less
  • No heat, steam or water is used to extract the oil from the olives (Cold Press only)
  • The extracted oil has been evaluated by a panel of experts and and is judged to have a superior taste, flavor and aroma
  • Proven Health Benefits

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been revered for its health benefits. But only 100% EVOO can deliver the unique flavor people love along with the heart healthy, cancer inhibiting benefits. The powerful antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, minerals and a host of natural compounds are responsible for the healthful soul of EVOO. The FDA has affirmed that there is a reduction in the risk of coronary disease associated with the consumption of EVOO vs Saturated fats.

The Bottling

Discover the unbelievable taste of our 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oils from 7 different countries covering 5 continents allowing us to get something fresh in nearly every time we order due to the different growing seasons and aged Balsamic Vinegars brought to you from small batch producers and artisans who emphasize quality and tradition in their work. At Di Olivas you are able to sample our products before you buy and then it is bottled directly from the container (Fusti) you just sampled from so you know exactly what you are taking home.