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Rustic Rosemary Olive Oil

New Release in 2013! Rustic Rosemary Olive Oil is milled exactly the same way as our premium extra virgin olive oil, except fresh rosemary is crushed together with the olives. The result is a fresh, unfiltered, premium oil with no additives or preservatives that has a natural rosemary flavor. Try it on chicken, pork, fish, potatoes, salads or bread. Gustoso!

We have been asked many times over the past few years for a Rosemary Olive Oil. We did not have one available to us previously, and since have expanded our sources for great products. We found this at the Fancy Food Show in January 2013... it is the best Rosemary I have ever tasted!

BRONZE MEDAL - L.A. International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition
SILVER MEDAL - Yolo County Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

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