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BAKED BALSAMIC PEACHES - An Original Recipe From Anna D

BAKED BALSAMIC PEACHES - An Original Recipe From Anna D -

I recently visited your store with my daughter, Beth. We talked about the Black Cherry Balsamic reduction I made.
Here is a recipe I whipped up tonight with your balsamic vinegars. Enjoy.


1 Semi-firm, yet ripe peach per dinner guest
Feta Cheese
1-2 toasted pecans or walnuts per peach
Di Olivas Ripe Summer Peach Balsamic
Di Olivas 18 Year Old Traditional Balsamic
Fresh ground pepper
Fresh chives, cut into thin slices

Preheat the oven to 350.

Wash and cut the peaches in half. Remove the pit and with a teaspoon, scoop out a small amount of the peach (I usually take it down until the peach pit bumps are gone, do not break through the skin). Toast the walnuts or pecans over low heat until lightly browned. Crush with the back of a spoon. Fill each Peach half with crumbled feta and nuts. Then add 1 teaspoon Traditional Balsamic over the peach followed by a drizzle of the Ripe Summer Peach Balsamic. Add a turn of a peppermill and 1-2 slices of chives. Spray with Di Olivas Arbosana EVOO. Assemble the rest of the peaches the same way. Place all peaches on a lightly oiled baking pan. Bake until slightly tender (cheese is not melted all the way) about 10-15 minutes.
Thanks for your contribution Anna D!